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Poker Training Video School

One Low Price for Full Access to OVER 301 HOURS of
Online Poker Training Video and Growing with Daily Updates!


Our Advanced Online Texas Hold em Poker Tournament Strategy Training Video Lessons,  a concept that we introduced to the marketplace, will take you step by step through online texas hold em poker tournament strategy while our instructors discuss the texas hold em poker strategy behind the plays they make. Joining our three lead pros are guest instructor videos from chad batista ” lilholdem954″ and BodogAri, both have been ranked 1 by as the best online tournament players!


You can watch videos of top online poker players playing online poker. You can see their cards, and listen to them explain what they are thinking as they play. Through watching them play and listening to pro’s share their knowledge about playing winning poker, it is an incredible learning tool.


The Articles are an nice addition, covering the basics, and moving into more advanced areas “Online Tells, Bluffing”What they essentially mean is that a complete beginner can arrive at Real Poker Training and have access to everything they need to get started.


In addition to a huge online library of MTT texas hold em poker strategy videos,  we have sections for SNGs , Omaha, 5 Card Draw and NL Cash.  Very popular with our members is our Amateur Player critique videos where our pros do a video with a hand history replay of a students video and explain any mistakes they are making.


Advanced Online Poker Training Strategy Video Lessons and Forum Hand Analysis!

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