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Published on Thursday, August 6, 2009 by
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Texas Holdem Genius Tool

Be a Genius – a Magic Holdem! This is the most advanced poker odds calculator ever invented. If you’re playing with Holdem Genius, then you’re getting instant and accurate betting advice based on your hole cards, your pot odds, your immediate outs, and much more!

Magic Holdem easily attaches to your online poker table so you never had to change screens, and it is supported in over 100 poker rooms.

This is the odds calculator guaranteed to make you feel like a Genius and help you instantly win more money at the tables!

Magic Holdem helped me win the first 2 table tournament I played after installing the software. Thank you. Great program. I hope it doesn’t become too popular. 😉
Mark P.

The Magic Holdem is great the first tourny i played with it i took 1st and $4266 dollars

Magic Holdem

Magic Holdem

I have averaged $224 a day since I got the software (Magic). What I love about it is the pot-odds calculator there are times I thought I should fold when I should have called in the past. I have been playing poker for a couple years now and I make a nice side income thanks to you from online poker and now I think I do this for a living thanks to you.
Best Regards,
Chase T.

Magic Holdem isn’t only the greatest training tool I have encountered, but if you won’t let pride get in the way, it is the best way to get back on track.
Billy P.
Athens, TX

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