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Published on Sunday, August 9, 2009 by
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Online Poker Sponsorship

We put our money on the line to find poker players with a ton of skill but little bankroll. Through years of operating PokerInside, we’ve found that the most profitable players are often not playing to their full potential due to an insufficient bankroll.

With our Poker Sponsorship program, we start you off with CASH upfront. Continue to play poker smart and efficient poker and everyone wins: You, PokerInside, and the poker room you’re playing at!
Sponsorship Facts

* Over $2,218,453 has been awarded to members via Poker Sponsorships.
* 65% of PokerInside Members have been awarded at least 1 sponsorship.

Get Started!

1. Signup Now and get a FREE PokerInside account!
2. On your “My PokerInside” page you will see all available sponsorship offers.
3. Select which Poker Sponsorship you want.
4. Complete the simple sponsorship process outlined to you.
5. Play poker!

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