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Poker Etiquette

Published on Friday, September 4, 2009 by
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The Poker Etiquette

If you want to enjoy the game of poker then you should learn the unwritten rules of this game. This is as important for success as the actual game plan and strategies of poker. If you play this game with the right kind of etiquette then other players will also respect you. Make sure that you follow the poker etiquettes and enjoy the game. Some of the etiquettes are:

The basic thing you need to follow in this game is politeness. Try to be as polite as possible and think that you are playing with your good friends and not opponents. Don’t swear at other players because bad behavior can harm the quality of poker.

Pocketing the poker chips is not considered good etiquette. This should be avoided in order to bring down the chances of losing everything that you have.

You should never toss your poker chips because this can help your opponents to count your bet. There are strong chances that you will be forced to put in more chips, so don’t be tempted to spend more money.

You should never rely on the card dealer in the game of poker, especially if you lack the skill of reading hands. If you are a novice then avoid it strictly and don’t ask for help from other players.

One hand for one player-this is another etiquette that needs to be followed by the players. Do not advice your opponents.

Players should never get involved in cursing the card dealer because if you don’t like a hand or don’t win, it is not the fault of the dealer.

Playing the game of poker very slowly is not considered to be good poker etiquette. Many players feel that a slow game will bring a lot of surety. If they keep on thinking like this then no excitement is left in the game and players will get impatient. So if you want to avoid having a bad reputation among your fellow players then avoid playing slow.

A poker player should act only when a situation demands and not before that. If it is not your turn then avoid folding even though no interest is left in the game for you. Early folding will send a sign to your opponents and you can lose a lot.

If you are playing in a real life casino then avoid eating while playing because your opponents many not enjoy touching greasy cards.

When you play, do not expose your poker cards because it can lead to loss.

These are some of the etiquettes that need to be followed by every poker player in order to gain respect and enjoy a good game.

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