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History of the Casino Online

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 by

History of  Casinos Online


The internet and computers have produced marked changes in how we perform basic everyday tasks. Life has become a bit simpler and convenience has been realised. Not very many industries were left unaffected by the internet age. This is true for gaming which saw their games being featured at online sites. Therefore, it seems natural that casinos would also follow suit and create their own presence on the internet. Online casinos were first put online in the middle of the 1990’s.


Special software had to be created to get the casino online. The first company that was able to design software allowing gambling online were created by Microgaming. Initially, play was free. The main goal was simply to introduce it to the public. There was a desire out there to play these games for money. However, a way in which to provide secure payments and withdraws was needed to make online gambling truly that. The company that first did this was known as Cryptologic. They created secure financial software that could allow players to deposit real funds into their player accounts. The most popular online casinos nowadays are on the Playtech gaming software, with a massive grow of jackpot games more and more players are started to play there.


Once they began to catch on, online casinos began spreading quickly across the internet. Playing at an online casino made it possible now to play with someone in another country across the globe. Fans of casino gaming could now easily access their games. Initially, the online casino software worked only on a limited amount of operating systems. Over time, these grew to include even more computer operating systems.


Most locations permit online gambling. However, the united States has forbidden the practice since 2006. The law was designed to prevent terrorists from laundering they money through online casinos. Many hope this will soon change. Online casinos realize there’s a huge group of potential customers out there that could access online gambling.

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