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Published on Friday, April 1, 2011 by

Opening the Portal to Bingo

Somewhat older than its card-based cousin, bingo is nearly five hundred years old, though even during its heyday our European ancestors would not have envisaged a future in which their favorite game would achieve such longevity. Yet now bingo is the most popular pastime in the world, at the centre of many roads, some of which may seem surprising.

The notion of playing bingo in school may yet prove divisive, even across the scores of players who make up bingo UK. Proponents of the game will point to the fact that it has been played by schoolchildren since 18th century Germany, where it was used as a useful teaching tool. In fact, many teachers today utilize the game’s unique blend of fun and mental agility (while many schoolchildren may joke that little has changed in teaching in two hundred years!).

This first exposure to the game is not only a useful academic tool. The social schoolings of bingo are proven to be as beneficial in later life as education itself, with older bingo players showing signs of increased brain function over those who do not play. There is often much to be said for “starting them early”, not least because exposure to as wide ranging experiences and understanding as possible give children a broader knowledge of the workings of the world.

Meanwhile, schoolteachers find a plethora of uses for bingo. Language teachers utilize it to help students to not only count in a foreign tongue, but also to recognize the numbers, patterns and prizes won. In such a way, vocabulary is increased through fun learning. History teachers have also cottoned on, using bingo as a tool to help pupils memorize dates.

In actual fact, many teachers find that students are intelligent and aware enough to realize that they don’t have to play for money. Even traditional cash-betting games like poker. The chances are both teachers and parents have played free games in one of the several online bingo halls in the UK, and understand that children must also be in a position of informed choice.

After all, the values that are inherent in bingo – values like community spirit, endeavor and understanding – are values shared by a happily functioning society.

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