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Published on Friday, June 18, 2010 by

How to Keep your Head Playing at an Online Casino


The most common question I am asked by land based casino players when I tell people that I worked for an online casino is “Can I trust the software?” The simple answer is yes, if you trust the operator.


Reputable Casinos uses two of the most reputable software providers in the online gaming industry for their casino software. One company provides their flash games, the ones you play instantly on the website. The other software is for the download games, this software take a minute to set up but it gives online casino bettors a lot of variety in the games they play as well as special bonuses not available in the instant casino.


A couple of pieces of advice I give to traditional casino players that are beginning to play online is that
The game is much faster online – because it’s only you and the electronic dealer, you don’t have to wait for a change in dealers or that jerk at first base to decide whether he is going to split a pair of fives, online casino games are much faster than they are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.
If you can play one hand a minute in Las Vegas, you can probably play eight hands of online blackjack in a minute.
With so many hands played in so little time, the wild swings that would take a couple of hour to play in Las Vegas can happen in just 10 minutes playing online, so be patient.


The money is real, it’s a little easier to walk away from a Las Vegas table when you have a huge stack of chips sitting in front of you but when you just have a balance in the corner it doesn’t seem like it’s real money. However, the money is real and all of the things you can buy with the money are real, so don’t be afraid to quit while you’re ahead.


When I play, I will set out an amount that I want to win and once I’ve reached that amount I will stop for the day. It can take some discipline if you reach your goal early into your session but the payoff will be worth it.


Those are just two pieces of advice for traditional casino players to remember when they play online but we’ll be back soon with more items that will help you maximize your casino profits.

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